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Home Services Music store Links Contacts 	AUDIO RECORDING traking, editing, mixing and mastering (PROTOOLS/NUENDO/CUBASE/AUDITION/SOUND FORGE)  	POST PRODUCTION - if you have tracks that you recorded at home or at another recording studio, we can provide make a mixing and mastering.  	SONGS PRODUCTIONS - complete composing, arranging and programming of songs.  	SOUND TRAKS & SOUND EFFECTS - production for Movies and Advertising.  	ARTWORK COVERS - We prepare all graphic parts for CD and DVD printing.  	CD & DVD planning - We make collaboration with severals CD and DVD home productions, helping you to plan final part of printing.  	PARTNERS - collaboration with some large recording studio in area for Band recording. service Services
Near the common AUDIO services we provide also collaboration with our clients helping your projects composing and arranging songs, making artwork and plan for the final CD or DVD productions. We can also prepare the playback for the singers who dont have possibility to do it.
ABOUT US ARPstudio is a small production studio with many branch about audio. We are located in south part of Switzerland at MENDRISIO Town, beetween LUGANO city and CHIASSO border.